About Our Conferences

I started Combining Passions because I needed to find a way to combine my different passions and I set out to look for answers on how I could do that. I wasn’t sure if having two passions, or two businesses really, plus a family, was actually realistic. I had so many questions. And so I thought that the best way to share and learn from others would be by bringing a community of women together. We held our first conference in 2017 and a second in 2019.

The purpose of the conferences is to bring women creatives and entrepreneurs together for inspiring, informative, honest and authentic conversations on following your passions with purpose and intention all the while taking care of yourself, your health and your relationships.

All our pictures are from an amazing photographer, Melanie Mathieu.

I knew I had to be part of this conference. You know that feeling you can’t ignore and it just pushes you to do something? I’m so glad I followed my gut on this one because it led to a day of meeting new people, sharing stories and soaking up all the advice and wisdom from an amazing group of women entrepreneurs, each bringing something different to the table. – Melanie Mathieu, Photographer


What previous attendees have shared:

What I loved most about the conference was the people you managed to get together in one place. I can’t believe the talent, drive, and emotional intelligence every woman in the room had. How did you find us all and have us all be available at the same time?

It was a chance to be around women who share similar challenges and concerns. There was no judgement, just a lot of curiosity, compassion and acceptance. I felt it was really a space to learn and reflect in a safe space.

It was surprisingly inspiring. As a speaker I didn’t know I was in for so much awesomeness. The honesty is something that sets this event apart from every other business conference I have ever attended. The emotional connection we all built is so important – never lose that.

Life changing, moving, motivating!
I attended a bit lost and confused about what the future would look like. I had compartmentalized a bunch of parts of ME, not sure how to make them all jive. From attending the 2017 conference, I drove home focused, motivated and magically, it clicked- how I would make the most of all of my passions and build a life that is true to each of them, clicked. I have since started my business plan and know exactly what I want (and am CAPABLE of!) I also have made some seriously incredible friends at 2017 Combining Passions that have become almost more like family.